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 We are a Nonprofit Organization that provides competition for horse and rider from cross rails to Hunter Derbies and Jumper Classics.  Our shows are held in the North Texas area, and are fun for the entire family!  We track members' points from NTHJC recognized shows and present awards at our annual Banquet.

NTHJC at Valhalla Stables - July 11-12th Award Class Winners

​​Mischief Managed - Ridden by Christina Copus
Winner of the $500 Ingram Insurance Gambler's Choice

Sudden Impact - Ridden by Alexis Beaty
Winner of the $500 D&L Feed Indoor Mini-Derby

Prospering's Hay Day - Ridden by Eva Gould
Winner of the $500 Thomas Moore Feed Outdoor Mini-Derby



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NTHJC is proud to announce that over $20,000.00 was donated to Therapeutic Riding Facilities from the 2014 Benefit Show!






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